Incoming: The Cookoo smartwatch offers simple alerts and a longer battery

Mobile Accessories | Posted by on Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Incoming: The Cookoo smartwatch offers simple alerts and a longer battery   cookoo

With the unbelievable funding success the Pebble smartwatch got from Kickstarter, it became apparent that 2012 might be the year smartwatches take off as a mainstream product. Well here’s another one that looks like an awesome idea. Called the Cookoo, this watch shares some smart of the most common smartwatch features – mainly the ability to display notification icons – but on an analog watchface to make it a bit more unique compared to the usual all-digital timepieces.

The smart functions are pretty limited to displaying notifications such as Facebook messages, SMS, email, calls and reminders, which is mostly all we need from such an accessory since we already have a smartphone in our pockets. It does come with a few extra features though; working with the Connected App installed on your phone, the Cookoo also offers users the ability to snap a photo, as well as functions that alert you to a low battery alert, and a remote that will make your phone sound off in case you forgot where you put it. A dedicated ‘Command’ button on the watch will also let you tag and check in your current location or do a Facebook check-in without pulling your phone out.

Incoming: The Cookoo smartwatch offers simple alerts and a longer battery   Cookoo watch iconsOther features include a water resistant design and a low-energy Bluetooth connection that promises to last longer.

The Cookoo watch connects to smartphones that feature Bluetooth Smart Ready Tech, which means it’s limited to some of the newer smart devices. If you own (or plan to buy) an iPhone 4S or new iPad, or the latest Android 4.0 phones such as the HTC One X or Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S III, then you’re good.

Interested? Of course you are – it’s hard not to appreciate a good-looking analog watch with smarts. Unfortunately, it’s currently listed as a project on Kickstarter and won’t go into production until it reaches its funding goal of $150,000. On the plus side, this looks like a sure thing, since they’ve already hit the $100k mark with 40 days to go. If you want to pitch in early, pledges for the Cookoo start at $80, and is expected to be released in October. It’s set to retail for $99.95 if you’re willing to wait.



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