The 7-inch Google Nexus tablet to go as low as $149?

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The 7 inch Google Nexus tablet to go as low as $149?   Google Nexus tablet rumors

Talk of Google coming out with a low-cost, 7-inch, Asus-built tablet isn’t new, but new reports point to something that’s even cheaper than what we originally thought. Earlier rumors seem to point to the Eee Pad MeMo 370T – a 7-incher that rocked a quad-core Tegra 3, Android 4 and a $249 price tag when Asus showed it off back in January – as the basis for the Nexus-branded slate, but a new report says that they’re aiming for a cheaper package that could go as low as $149.

According to a tip from an American supply chain company, Asus has agreed to cancel their plans for the 370T when Google asked to collaborate on a Nexus tablet. The tablet has been rumored to come with a budget-friendly price tag that would let them compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which uses a tweaked Android base that points to Amazon’s own Appstore instead of hooking up with the Android Market.

It’s not simply going to be a rebranded MeMo though; the source mentioned that they might scrap the MeMo’s Tegra 3 processor and go for a cheaper configuration that ranges somewhere between $149 to $199. No word on when this is going to be official, but if it’s designed to be flagship platform for Android Jelly Bean, it could be announced close to Google’s IO event on June 27th.

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