EZ-Robot outs build-your-own robot kit for $235

Toys | Posted by on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Here’s an interesting kit for tinkerers: Canadian startup EZ-Robot has started offering a kit that’ll let you build your own robot. Actually, the kit just includes a wireless controller, an ultrasonic distance sensor, wireless tracking camera, three servos, two rotating servos, battery pack and software – all of which make up the guts of your potential robo-creation. But the fun part is in what you can turn into a robot… basically anything you can fit the parts into: stuffed animals, your sister’s doll, existing non-smart robot toys, and in this best example, DJ Sures’ homemade Wall-E shown in the video above.

The kit also comes with user-friendly, no-engineering-degree-needed software that can be used to set motion, facial and color tracking, as well as speech recognition if you want to order your tiny Frankenstein’s monster around the house.

The kit sells for $235, but the site says that they’re currently sold out. Hopefully, they can stock up before the holidays for people looking for something to give that special geek in their lives.

[via Engadget]



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